Our Story




How We Got Started

Our journey started when founder Shabazz Stuart had his third bicycle stolen in a five-year period. He realized that secure parking for bicycles was critical for convenient and reliabile mobility in cities. Despite this obvious need, and the growing number of cyclists on the street, there was no solution available for smart, attractive, secure bike parking structures. 

After more than a year of meeting with urban planners, cyclists, transportation advocates, public space managers, and real estate developers, it became clear that any impactful solution would require a completely new, fresh approach. 

That's why we made the Oonee Pod. Each customizable Pod features bike parking on the inside, and public space amenities on the exterior. For sponsors and institutions, the easy-to-install Pods offer an unlimited array of branding opportunities. For cyclists, the Pod offers affordable, secure bike parking and finally, a solution that works.




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