Frequently Asked Questions

What's Oonee

Oonee is a network of pods that offer secure accommodations for bicycles and scooters, as well as public space amenities like greenery, seating, WiFi and ambient lighting. We work with private property owners and cities to create scalable options for those who use bikes, scooters and other "micro-mobility" vehicles. We aim to create more than 20,000 secure bike parking spaces. 

How Does It Work?

Oonee functions as a secure community bicycle parking room for local residents, area workers and visitors. Regular users pay a small monthly fee of $5-$10 for use on a first-come-first-served basis. Everyone gets to use the public amenities on the exterior. In the future, Oonee will offer bicycle tune-ups, repairs and other essential services to bikes that are docked in the pod. 

Using Oonee is simple, you can use either your phone or a keycard to enter the pod, and then you use your own lock to secure your bike to one of the vertical racks. Pod interiors are fully illuminated and monitored by video camera 24/7. In the unlikely event that a theft does occur within the facility, Oonee can cover the cost of purchasing a new bicycle.

What Does First-Come-First-Served Mean?

Our goal is ensure that each installation can be used by as many people in the community as possible. As a result, we use an algorithm to determine the optimal number of members per location. For example, a bike room of 20 people in a busy Downtown center can often support between 40-50 members, since not all users commute by bike everyday. At this level, each user has a reasonable chance of having a space on the days that they do commute by bike.

How Does Oonee Make Money?

Oonee makes money via marketing space on the exterior of the pod. This helps us keep the fee for users very low, while also helping to finance expansion.

When will you announce new locations

We are working to expand the network as quickly as possible, and anticipate being able to announce new locations soon. Do you have suggestions for location? Get in touch with us!