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We're building a network of bike & scooter infrastructure

Community Guidelines

How to be a good member of #teamOONEE

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Oonee is a collaborative project that’s striving to develop an affordable network of parking & service stations for bikes, scooters and other micro-mobility vehicles. Help us out by reading through our tips and guidelines below.


Tips, Tricks and Guidelines

  • For the smoothest experience, make sure to download the Brivo App, which lets you access Oonee from your mobile phone.

  • Bikes inside Oonee are insured, but only if you’ve completed your bike profile. We’ll send you occasional reminders.

  • Oonee is designed to be secure, but using your own lock is still the best defense. Don’t forget to lock up!

  • Don’t cheat! Only one bike per user please. It’s not nice to the other members — and could result in a membership suspension.

  • Keep the community space secure - don’t let strangers into the pod!

  • Help us make sure there is room for everyone! Please use Oonee for parking and not for storage — be sure to retrieve your bike every three days or so. We’ll send gentle reminders to stragglers.

  • Oonee operates on a first-come, first-served basis. We use a mathematical algorithm to determine the ideal user capacity for each pod. For our new Water & Whitehall location, we have about 40 users signed up for 20 spaces. Many members do not cycle on a regular basis, which means that on a typical day users will find a space. Read more about this here.

  • Oonee is in beta. We’re planning a range of upgrades and tweaks — please share your feedback on the experience with us at


Other Tidbits and Info

What's Oonee?

Oonee is a network of pods that offer secure accommodations for bicycles and scooters, as well as public space amenities like greenery, seating and ambient lighting. We work with private property owners and cities to create scalable options for those who use bikes, scooters and other "micro-mobility" vehicles. In New York, we aim to create more than 20,000 secure bike parking spaces. We are piloting various initiatives, so please bear with us as we perfect our processes.

How Does It Work?

Oonee functions as a secure community bicycle parking room for local residents, area workers and visitors. Regular users pay a small monthly fee of $5 for use on a first-come, first-served basis. Everyone gets to use the public amenities on the exterior. In the future, Oonee will offer bicycle tune-ups, repairs and other essential services to bikes that are parked in the pod. 

What Does First-Come, First-Served Mean?

Our goal is ensure that each installation can be used by as many people in the community as possible. As a result, we use an algorithm to determine the optimal number of members per location. For example, a bike room of 20 people in a busy Downtown center can often support between 40-50 members, since not all users commute by bike everyday. At this level, each user has a reasonable chance of having a space on the days that they do commute by bike. We’ll be introducing new self-locking rack technology in 2019, that will help us monitor capacity in real time.

Help! My bike’s been stolen, what do I do?

Oonee provides insurance to bicycles in the pod. If you believe that your bike was stolen in the pod, please contact us at immediately. We’ll work with you to fill out a police report, verify the incident on the pod’s video camera and other video cameras in the area. In order to be eligible for our insurance program, users must complete their bike profile, which provides the insurance people with all sorts of critical details and documentation.

When will you announce new locations?

We are working to expand the network as quickly as possible, and anticipate being able to announce new locations soon. Do you have suggestions for location? Get in touch with us!

What can I do to help?

Feedback, feedback and more feedback! We love getting to know our users and count on you to help us improve our processes. If something isn’t working, you see room for improvement or you just want to get in touch, shoot us a note at Feel free to help us spread the word that we’re bringing secure bike parking to NYC!