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We're building a network of bike & scooter infrastructure

To create the Oonee Pod, we worked closely with designers, transportation advocates, public space managers and security experts. The result is a smart, nimble and fun structure that energizes public space while making life easier for cyclists.


Crafted from a kit of Lego like parts, the Pod’s modular design makes it super easy to customize, install and adjust. Each Oonee is unique..

Each Pod comes packed with sensors, access control systems and other smart features that make life easier for everyone.


Each Pod can be customized with fun placemaking features that enliven public space, streetscape and campus environments. Oonee always steals the show.


Oonee is way more than just bike parking. Using the app, riders can schedule repairs, fixes and order new parts for their bicycles while docked inside the Pod. Riders can also order bicycle insurance, connect with local bike shops and share their bikes with other community members..


With large, backlit artwork panels and a surface specially designed to be compatible with most types of Vinyl wrap, the Oonee Pod is completely optimized for sponsorship and branded content. Oonee is the perfect marketing opportunity for a local institution or large corporate sponsor..