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We're building a network of bike & scooter infrastructure

Cities need better parking for bikes and scooters

That's why we're building the first network of smart infrastructure to support micro-mobility

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Bikes and scooters are mainstream

Cycling has been steadily rising in cities since the mid 1990’s, a trend that’s only accelerated since 2010. More recently, scooters have also burst onto the scene— with a new generation of city-dwellers discovering that smaller “mini” vehicles are better suited for short trips than cars, cabs and taxis.

The emergence of these new travel options will fundamentally change urban streetscapes.


Yet parking & support infrastructure is rare

The vast majority of cyclists do not have access to secure parking facilities. As a result, over half of all urban riders have experienced bike theft and many more have experienced vandalism or accidental damage while bikes are left on the street.

Scooters have are seeing similar problems. There are few places to orderly park, charge and repair these popular new vehicles.



Conventional “cages” and “lockers” are rigid, ugly inflexible and ill-suited for public spaces. Often relegated to the darkest corners of parking lots and alleyways, these traditional options were designed for a bygone era when bikes & scooters were a niche market.

Unfortunately, the lack of options has led to a massive unmet need as these new mobility options become increasingly popular.

Conventional solutions are ill-suited for public space


Meet Oonee

Just like the sea urchin from which its name derives, Oonee is equipped with safety features to protect its valuable interior cargo, and comes in different colors and sizes to adapt to varied environments. Unlike today's conventional bike storage solutions, Oonee is designed to enhance spaces – not hide in them.

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We connect public space and mobility

Bicycles and scooters are indelibly linked to streets and public spaces. That’s why we gave Oonee a dual purpose: provide great mobility infrastructure, while enlivening surrounding public spaces. Each Oonee is an iconic sculpture that steals the show; providing benches, seating, greenery and other placemaking features in an iconic super-customizable frame.


Created with input from community leaders…

In crafting Oonee, we spent more than a year listening to valuable feedback from the community. This iterative process helped us build a solution with thoughtful care; more than 250 unique innovations and refinements were included in order to ensure each Oonee is made for everyone.



Oonee is made to scale. We’re working to build a versatile urban network of pods that can support bicycles and scooters. Each modular pod will serve as a station in the larger network.

We’re committed to working with sponsors and local community leaders to keep this network ultra-affordable to the public.

…and designed to scale



A rare and unsurpassed marketing opportunity for any brand.

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It’s hard to get noticed…

That’s why Oonee is an unprecedented marketing opportunity for any brand looking to make a splash.

Each Oonee has been completely optimized for sponsorship, with two massive backlit display panels, and a surface that can be completely wrapped in vinyl. Oonee is designed to be noticed.