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Bike Parking

Unlike today's conventional bike storage solutions, Oonee is designed to enhance spaces – not hide in them.


Oonee is...

A smart, modular, customizable pod that provides secure bicycle parking and public space amenities. 

Just like the sea urchin from which its name derives, Oonee is equipped with safety features to protect its valuable interior cargo, and comes in different colors and sizes to adapt to varied environments.




Oonee is designed to scale, forming a comprehensive public bicycle parking and service network for urban areas. Our policy-backed, automated approach allows for affordable 24/7 use at each location.


About Us

We created Oonee after repeatedly experiencing bike theft while commuting in New York City. We’ve collaborated with policymakers, cycling advocates, and security experts to design a thoughtful solution that works.


Try the Demo

The Oonee demo is live at the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Cumberland Gate, and we need your feedback! Sign up below to receive info about beta testing or upcoming focus group events. 

Cycle to work in Downtown Manhattan? Sign up to the first Oonee at Water-Whitehall Plaza, when it opens in the Fall.