Cycling is More Popular Than Ever









Bicycles are the fastest growing mode of transportation in cities today. Since the 1990s, urban hubs like San Francisco, New York, and Washington have seen up to a five times increase in the number of cyclists on the road – a trend that's only accelerating. Municipal leaders, transportation advocates, and commuters are increasingly viewing cycling as a key transit mode of the future.

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Yet Secure Bicycle Parking Remains Rare

The vast majority of cyclists do not have access to secure parking facilities. As a result, over half of all urban riders have experienced bike theft and many more have experienced vandalism or accidental damage while bikes are left on the street.


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Conventional Solutions are Ill-Suited For Public Space

Today’s bike "cages" and "lockers" are ugly and rigid, often designed for parking lots and the darkest corners of mass transit facilities; in short, not suitable for today's modern streetscapes and public spaces.



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Oonee is a Game Changer


Oonee is a smart, modular, customizable Pod that provides secure bicycle parking and public space amenities. Just like the sea urchin from which its name derives, Oonee is equipped with safety features to protect its valuable interior cargo, and comes in different colors and sizes to adapt to varied environments. Unlike today's conventional bike storage solutions, Oonee is designed to enhance spaces – not hide in them.


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Oonee is smart

While conventional bike storage infrastructure is rigid and utilitarian, Oonee is designed to meet the needs of both cyclists and pedestrians. Each Pod comes connected to an open source platform and user interface that allows for either individual or networked operation. The freestanding, movable design allows the Pods to be installed quickly and adjusted over time.

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The Pod's modular construction allows it to be customized prior to and after installation, incorporating features such as signage, lighting, greenery, seating and charging stations.

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Oonee is Social

Each Pod is powered by a smart access control system that enables users to connect with local bicycle shops for repairs and service that can be delivered while bikes are docked. Users can also sign up for other services on the app, such as bike insurance and new accessories.


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PILOT LAUNCHes AT Brooklyn Navy Yard


The first Oonee has launched at the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Cumberland Gate and is available for use by all members of the BNY community. The Pod will operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week on a first come, first served basis. Come try out the bike parking system of the future!

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